‘Time in the market’, not ‘timing the market’

The allure of quick profits and instant gratification

In the investing world, the allure of quick profits and instant gratification often tempt some investors to employ a ‘market timing’ strategy. This method involves buying or selling financial instrument decisions based on predictions of future market price movements. Ironically, numerous studies and historical data have shown that this approach often leads to sub-optimal returns.
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High costs of private education

The significant decision of choosing a private school for children

Choosing the right educational path for your children is one of the most significant decisions you will make as a parent. Among the many considerations, private schooling often emerges as an option due to its perceived benefits, such as smaller class sizes, specialised programs, and personalised attention.
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The Family Bank

Planning to aid the next generation

According to new research, close to one in five (18%) of parents and grandparents have dipped into their own property wealth to assist their family members in climbing onto the property ladder [1]. Often, they turn to the equity of their homes to gather the needed funds, either through equity release, downsizing, or remortgaging.
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