Your Country Needs You! Army children fundraiser gets set to march on


At-ten-tion!…How would you like to bring a smile to a child’s face? Well, here at Attain Wealth Management we have put our best foot forward to do just that.

Every month, we will be making a donation to the children’s charity Scotty’s Little Soldiers. The charity is dedicated to supporting children who have lost a parent due to service in the British Armed Forces. Its motto is ‘Help their children smile’.

Army Widow Nikki Scott set up the charity in August 2010 after her husband Corporal Lee Scott was killed in action in Afghanistan in July 2009, leaving behind her and their two young children. There are many families just like them. The charity relies on funds being raised through events, donations, fundraising, merchandise sales and corporate sponsorship to help support them through emotionally-challenging times of the year such as birthdays and Christmas.

Through kind donations, the charity has also bought two holiday homes, one in Great Yarmouth and another in Blackpool, and Scotty members can use the lodges whenever they feel the need.

Here at Attain we want to go one step further and raise enough cash to send children to Disneyland in the USA or Paris.

Director Gordon Crothers said: “We first heard about Scotty’s Little Soldiers through a fundraising evening and I thought ‘What a lovely charity!’. This will be our chosen charity from now on.”


Anyone who would like to make a donation can do so through the charity’s website on

Meanwhile, if anyone has contacts in Disneyland, USA or Paris, who could perhaps donate some holiday experiences for the children, please contact Gordon on 01525 379774.