Price of adulthood

Financial responsibilities increase significantly after 25

Paying essentials like utilities and council tax becomes a reality as young adults transition from student life to the workforce. The reality of financial responsibilities often accompanies the excitement of newfound independence during one’s mid-twenties.
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Are we entering an investment bond renaissance?

Exploring why they are an attractive option to mass-affluent investors

Onshore investment bonds typically carry a lower risk and contribute significantly to a well-rounded portfolio. Historically, numerous investors have opted for a 60% equities and 40% bonds split in their portfolios, as these two assets often (keep in mind, not always) exhibit contrasting performances under varying economic circumstances – a beneficial attribute during market volatility.
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Maximising your investments in your 50s

Time to evaluate whether you need to modify your objectives or saving strategies?

As you enter your 50s, retirement is no longer a distant dream but a rapidly approaching reality. Ensuring that your investments work diligently to secure the lifestyle you envision for your golden years is crucial. By optimising your financial strategy now, you can confidently retire according to your personal goals and aspirations.
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Responsible asset selection

Supporting responsible practices and contributing to a sustainable future

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing is a strategy that focuses on companies that prioritise environmental, social, and governance factors in their operations. Investing in these businesses aims to support responsible practices and contribute to a sustainable future.
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